Junior Per­for­mance Mar­ke­ting Mana­ger (m/​f)


7Mind was foun­ded in 2014 to bring medi­ta­tion and mind­ful­ness into our modern world. With over 700.000 down­loads to date 7Mind has alre­ady become Germany’s most popu­lar online medi­ta­tion trai­ning (avail­able for iOS, Android or via web app) and is still gro­wing.

Our goal is to help people pay as much atten­tion to their mental well­being as they do to their phy­si­cal health. In coope­ra­tion with sea­so­ned medi­ta­tion trai­ners as well as health-care experts we strive to deve­lop high-qua­lity trai­nings that pro­vide the easiest access pos­si­ble to medi­ta­tion and mind­ful­ness.

We are a Berlin-based start-up with an ener­ge­tic, dyna­mic and close-knit team of 12 people. Cur­rently we are in an excit­ing inter­na­tio­na­liza­t­ion phase, with recent relea­ses of a French and Dutch ver­sion of our app, and are get­ting ready to launch our Eng­lish ver­sion.

Your Res­pon­si­bi­li­ties:

  • Hands-on exe­cu­tion hel­ping to scale our Per­for­mance Mar­ke­ting efforts
  • Help gro­wing user acqui­si­tion chan­nels (Face­book, Search Ads, Apple Search Ads, Outbrain/​Taboola, Adwords/​SEA)
  • Deve­lop rela­ti­ons­hips with key mar­ke­ting chan­nel part­ners
  • Work toge­ther with the con­tent pro­duc­tion and social media team
  • Ana­lyze and improve exis­ting cam­pai­gns and deve­lop new ones

Our Requi­re­ments:

  • 1+ years rele­vant work expe­ri­ence as a Junior Per­for­mance Mar­ke­ting Mana­ger
    ( pre­fe­r­a­bly in the mobile sphere, with spe­ci­fic empha­sis on Face­book Ads)
  • Exper­tise defi­ning metrics to mea­sure suc­cess and sys­tems tracking pro­gress and suc­cess
  • Highly ana­lyti­cal and you con­sider Excel your best friend
  • Fluent in German and Eng­lish, French is a plus

What We Offer:

  • You will get res­pon­si­bi­lity and visi­bi­lity from the first day
  • Excit­ing work envi­ron­ment that cen­ters around team spirit, feed­back loops
  • Very focu­sed and results-driven office cul­ture
  • Com­pe­ti­tive salary 
  • Great loca­tion

We are loo­king for­ward to mee­ting you! 

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