Pri­vacy Policy


We, 7Mind GmbH, Schlie­mann­str. 21, 10437 Berlin, respect your pri­vacy. As a user of the 7Mind web­site, our app­li­ca­ti­ons, or other ser­vices (her­einaf­ter collec­tively the 7Mind Ser­vices”), your pri­vacy is pro­tec­ted, and we feel a strong com­mit­ment to pro­tect your pri­vacy. The pur­pose of this Data Pri­vacy Policy is to explain to you which per­so­nal data and non-per­so­nal data are collec­ted by us and how we use such data.

This Data Pri­vacy Policy is part of our Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons and app­lies to all 7Mind Ser­vices. The­re­fore please care­fully read this Data Pri­vacy Policy.

If you do not accept this Data Pri­vacy Policy and the cons­ents asso­cia­ted the­r­e­with, please do not use the 7Mind Ser­vices.

Last revi­sed: Novem­ber 2018

1. Gene­ral pro­vi­si­ons

To be able to use our ser­vices, you must regis­ter. Alre­ady during the regis­tra­tion pro­cess you will pro­vide cer­tain per­so­nal data to us. How we use such data and what rights you have in con­nec­tion the­r­e­with is explai­ned in this Data Pri­vacy Policy.

You will also trans­fer cer­tain infor­ma­tion to us when you access our web­site or the 7Mind App, e.g., your IP address. We will also receive data about which ter­mi­nal device (com­pu­ter, smart­phone, tablet, etc.) you are using, which brow­ser (Inter­net Explo­rer, Safari, Fire­fox, etc.) you are using, the time at which you access the web­site, the so-called refer­rer, and the data volume trans­fer­red.

Such data cannot be used by us to iden­tify the user. They are used for sta­ti­s­ti­cal pur­po­ses only. Such ana­ly­ses help us make our ser­vices more attrac­tive and, if necessary, to improve our ser­vices.

2. What are per­so­nal data?

The term per­so­nal data” is defi­ned by the Federal Data Pro­tec­tion Act (BDSG) and, after its effec­tive date, the Euro­pean Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­tion (GDPR). You can think of your per­so­nal data as any data that allow you to be iden­ti­fied or that can be cor­re­la­ted to you. Such data include, for example, your name and con­tact infor­ma­tion. We need some of this infor­ma­tion so that we can offer you our 7Mind Ser­vices.

On the other hand, non-per­so­nal” data cannot be cor­re­la­ted to any spe­ci­fic user. By remo­ving iden­ti­fia­ble parts from and anony­mi­zing per­so­nal data, per­so­nal data can be con­ver­ted into non-per­so­nal data.”

3. How are per­so­nal data collec­ted and pro­ces­sed?

Per­so­nal data is collec­ted by us if you pro­vide such data to us on your own initia­tive. This hap­pens, for example, when you con­tact us or other mem­bers, i.e., when you open your 7Mind user account, sign up for a sub­scrip­tion, upload a pro­file photo, or use our ser­vices to send mes­sa­ges. We will use per­so­nal data you have pro­vi­ded to us only if and to the extent necessary for pro­vi­ding our ser­vices and hand­ling of the con­tract or if you have con­s­en­ted that we may use your data for the pur­po­ses descri­bed in this Data Pri­vacy Policy.

Your per­so­nal data will be stored for as long as this is necessary for achie­ving the defi­ned pur­po­ses. If you cancel your user account, we will also erase or block your per­so­nal data. An excep­tion app­lies only if we have a legal obli­ga­tion to archive data for a cer­tain time period.

4. What are log files?

A log file auto­ma­ti­cally logs all or defi­ned actions on a com­pu­ter system. Such log files are important, for example, for pro­cess con­trol and auto­ma­tion. In the case of data­ba­ses a log file tracks chan­ges to the data­base of cor­rectly exe­cuted tran­sac­tions. In the event of an error (e.g., a system crash), this allows the cur­rent data­set to be res­to­red. Log files are also crea­ted by web ser­vers. Inter alia, the fol­lo­wing data are logged: the address of the acces­sing com­pu­ter, authenti­ca­tion fields, date and time of access, access method, con­tent of HTML access, status code of the web server, and infor­ma­tion about the brow­ser and ope­ra­ting system used by the client.

Every time you access our web­site the afo­re­men­tio­ned data will be auto­ma­ti­cally stored in log files.

5. What are coo­kies and tracking pixels?

We collect infor­ma­tion about visi­tors to our web­site and about users of our 7Mind App in order to improve our ser­vices. For this pur­pose we use dif­fe­rent kinds of so-called coo­kies and tracking pixels (a.k.a. web bea­cons).

A cookie allows a web server to place a text file (e.g., a clear ID) on your com­pu­ter or smart phone/​tablet. Coo­kies are used, for example, to auto­ma­ti­cally reco­gnize you the next time you visit our web­sites or use the 7Mind App. The cookie is sent either by the web server to your brow­ser or is gene­ra­ted by client-side scrip­t­ing (e.g., Java­Script). Cookie data will be stored locally on your ter­mi­nal device and in most cases will be effec­tive only for a limi­ted time period.

Web­sites that include flash media write user-spe­ci­fic data to your com­pu­ter and later read such data. Such files are called flash coo­kies or local shared objects (LSO). Such files are not mana­ged by your brow­ser, but rather by the flash player plug-in. Flash coo­kies are sub­ject to the same rules as con­ven­tio­nal coo­kies. Flash coo­kies, too, can only be read by the web­site that caused those flash coo­kies to be placed. Howe­ver, flash coo­kies can store a sub­stan­ti­ally grea­ter volume of data.

Your brow­ser offers exten­sive set­ting opti­ons to manage coo­kies. For example, you can deac­tivate coo­kies in your brow­ser or limit coo­kies to cer­tain web­sites. You can also pro­gram your brow­ser to first notify you before a cookie is placed. You can also choose these set­tings on your mobile ter­mi­nal devices. You can at any time manage coo­kies by chan­ging the set­tings of your devices, delete coo­kies, or block coo­kies alto­ge­ther.

You can also visit our web­site even if you block coo­kies on your ter­mi­nal device. If you block coo­kies, the dis­play of our web­site may howe­ver be impai­red and not all func­tions may be avail­able to you. You can also use the 7Mind App without coo­kies. In that case, you may howe­ver no longer be able to use all func­tions of the App as con­ve­ni­ently.

Tracking pixels are small gra­phics in HTML e-mails or on web­sites. When you access such a web­site, your access to the tracking pixel will be recor­ded in a log file. This allows sta­ti­s­ti­cal ana­ly­ses which, in turn, can be used to improve our ser­vices. You can set your e-mail pro­gram or your brow­ser so that HTML e-mails will be dis­played as text only, the­r­eby preven­ting the use of some tracking pixels.

6. Which types of data do we collect, pro­cess, and use?

We collect three types of data:

  • data you pro­vide to us vol­un­ta­rily,
  • data we receive when you use our ser­vices, and
  • data we receive from third par­ties.

In other words, we pro­cess and use data (inclu­ding per­so­nal data) you make avail­able to us vol­un­ta­rily on the web­site or through the 7Mind App in various situa­ti­ons (e.g., when you send us an e-mail). We also use data that are collec­ted auto­ma­ti­cally on our web­site or through the 7Mind App. Finally, we may also receive data about you from third par­ties, for example when ano­ther user pro­vi­des us with infor­ma­tion about you.

It is the­re­fore impos­si­ble to pro­vide you with an exhaus­tive list of all pos­si­ble types of data that we may pos­si­bly collect, pro­cess, and use. Typi­cally, we collect, pro­cess and use the fol­lo­wing data:

  • your name and address;
  • your per­so­nal con­tact infor­ma­tion (tele­phone, e-mail, fax, etc.);
  • your user­name and pass­word;
  • your user pro­file data (e.g., work­out sche­dule);
  • your user pre­fe­ren­ces (e.g., pre­fer­red lan­guage set­tings);
  • your IP address, ope­ra­ting system, brow­ser type, brow­ser ver­sion, brow­ser con­fi­gu­ra­tion, name of Inter­net pro­vi­der, and any other rele­vant infor­ma­tion regar­ding your com­pu­ter and Inter­net con­nec­tion in order to iden­tify the type of your device, to con­nect you to the web­site, to exch­ange data with your (mobile) ter­mi­nal device, or to ensure proper use of the web­site and 7Mind App;
  • the URL and IP address of the web­site from which you access our web­site or from which you are trans­fer­red to our web­site, inclu­ding date and time;
  • any pages of our web­site on which you click during your visit, and any links on our web­site on which you click, inclu­ding date and time;
  • the entire Uni­form Resource Loca­tor (URL) click­stream regar­ding, through, and from the web­site, inclu­ding date and time;
  • your ser­vice inqui­ries and your orders;
  • your tran­sac­tion his­tory, inclu­ding open and com­ple­ted tran­sac­tions;
  • search terms you input;
  • infor­ma­tion regar­ding your orders and pay­ments;
  • infor­ma­tion collec­ted by coo­kies or simi­lar tech­no­lo­gies (as explai­ned below);
  • your survey ans­wers, cri­ti­ques, eva­lua­ti­ons, or other res­pon­ses;
  • the con­tent of all mes­sa­ges sent through the web­site or 7Mind App, inclu­ding infor­ma­tion uploa­ded to social net­works through the web­site or the 7Mind App or other­wise shared with us and/​or other users, as well as chat mes­sa­ges and chat logs;
  • infor­ma­tion about exer­ci­ses you down­load using the 7Mind App;
  • your news­let­ter sub­scrip­ti­ons;
  • any cons­ents you have given us;
  • any other infor­ma­tion input or uploa­ded by you through the web­site or the 7Mind App (e.g., infor­ma­tion you pro­vide when com­ple­ting an online form, photos you upload); or
  • data we receive when you log in through social media (e.g., if you log in with Face­book).

7. Where are data stored?

Infor­ma­tion Shared with Other Sys­tems, Such As Health­Kit or Google Fit
You may instruct us to share cer­tain of your infor­ma­tion with sys­tems such as Apple’s Health­Kit or Google Fit, and to access infor­ma­tion from those sys­tems which we will use to improve the ser­vices we pro­vide to you. Before you tell us to share your infor­ma­tion with ano­ther system, howe­ver, you should review the app­lica­ble pri­vacy policy of that system, since any infor­ma­tion you have instruc­ted us to share will become sub­ject to those poli­cies. In addi­tion, in the event that you use one of those ser­vices, you should be care­ful about allo­wing other app­li­ca­ti­ons, ser­vices or people to access your infor­ma­tion through that ser­vice. While much infor­ma­tion collec­ted by those ser­vices is inno­cuous, people who see 7Mind data may be able to deter­mine a variety of per­so­nal infor­ma­tion.

  • 7Mind does not use or dis­close to third par­ties user data or other infor­ma­tion gained through the use of the Health­Kit frame­work or Google Fit for adver­ti­sing, other use- based data mining pur­po­ses or simi­lar ser­vices, other than for pur­po­ses
    of impro­ving health or for pur­po­ses of health or medi­cal rese­arch.
  • In the case of infor­ma­tion gained through Health­Kit or Google Fit such sharing will only be for pur­po­ses of enab­ling the third party to pro­vide health and/​or fit­ness ser­vices or for medi­cal rese­arch.
  • We do not sell any of your infor­ma­tion, inclu­ding infor­ma­tion gained through Health­Kit or Google Fit, to adver­ti­sing plat­forms, data bro­kers or infor­ma­tion resel­lers.
  • We do not use any of the infor­ma­tion obtai­ned through Health­Kit or Google Fit for any pur­pose other than pro­vi­ding health and/​or fit­ness ser­vices in con­nec­tion with the Ser­vices.

We use cloud ser­vices. This means we will trans­fer your data to a third party – the cloud ser­vices pro­vi­der – and store data on the ser­vers of that pro­vi­der. In some cases, your data may also be stored on ser­vers out­s­ide the Euro­pean Union (EU) or Euro­pean Eco­no­mic Area (EEA). In some cases, your data may also be pro­ces­sed there. We either ensure through appro­priate con­tracts that such ser­vice pro­vi­ders gua­ran­tee the same level of data pri­vacy to which you are also ent­it­led in the Euro­pean Union or we use only pro­vi­ders that are EU-US Pri­vacy Shield cer­ti­fied (https://​www​.pri​va​cy​shield​.gov/​w​e​lcome). Either alter­na­tive ensu­res an appro­priate level data pri­vacy.

8. For what pur­po­ses are data used?

We will collect, pro­cess, and use your per­so­nal data and other data in par­ti­cu­lar for the fol­lo­wing pur­po­ses:

  • to admi­nis­trate, ope­rate, main­tain, and improve the web­site and the 7Mind App;
  • to allow and pro­cess orders for ser­vices placed by you through the web­site or the 7Mind App;
  • to cust­o­mize your expe­ri­ence of our web­site or the 7Mind App (e.g., by tailo­ring con­tent and offers to your per­so­nal pre­fe­ren­ces);
  • to assess your right to receive cer­tain types of offers or ser­vices;
  • to sup­port the impro­ve­ment and cust­o­miza­t­ion of the 7Mind Ser­vices;
  • to ana­lyze and rese­arch cust­o­mer beha­vior;
  • to respond to your ques­ti­ons and inqui­ries;
  • to pro­vide you with infor­ma­tion about ser­vices that may be of inte­rest to you;
  • to com­mu­ni­cate with you about cer­tain con­cerns;
  • to manage awards, sur­veys, win­ning games, lot­te­ries, or other pro­mo­tio­nal activi­ties or events;
  • to comply with our legal obli­ga­ti­ons to prevent any unla­w­ful use of the web­site or 7Mind App, to settle dis­pu­tes, and to enforce our con­tracts;
  • for any other pur­po­ses to which you have con­s­en­ted in a par­ti­cu­lar case, or
  • other­wise as per­mit­ted by app­lica­ble law.

If requi­red by law, we will ask for your con­sent before collec­ting, pro­ces­sing, or using your per­so­nal data for any of the afo­re­men­tio­ned pur­po­ses.

We will also notify you if we want to use your per­so­nal data for a new or dif­fe­rent pur­pose. We will use your per­so­nal data for such other pur­po­ses only if and to the extent necessary or per­mit­ted by app­lica­ble law or with your con­sent.

9. Regis­tra­tion of 7Mind user account

You may create an 7Mind user account through our login system. Fol­lo­wing regis­tra­tion, you will be able to use your user account to sub­scribe to all 7Mind Ser­vices. To regis­ter, you must pro­vide us with at least the fol­lo­wing infor­ma­tion:

  • name
  • e-mail address
  • pass­word

Before com­ple­ting the regis­tra­tion pro­cess, you must con­firm that you have read our Data Pri­vacy Policy and accept our Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons. The 7Mind App also enables you to pro­vide us with addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion, such as your gender, expe­ri­ence level, and exer­cise goals. 

You can also link your 7Mind user account to your Face­book pro­file. To do so, simply choose Login with Face­book” during the regis­tra­tion pro­cess; you will then be trans­fer­red to Face­book. There, you will be shown to which Face­book data we will receive access. We will store your Face­book e-mail address. This is the e-mail address we will use to con­tact you, if necessary. We will also record the fact that you have regis­te­red through Face­book.

10. Collec­tion, pro­ces­sing, and use of data in con­nec­tion with the 7Mind App

7Mind is an app that com­bi­nes yoga with fit­ness to moti­vate you to exer­cise more. After regis­te­ring with 7Mind, you will be able to view work­out videos and to work out accord­ing to instruc­tions from the Guide.

During the regis­tra­tion pro­cess you will pro­vide us with per­so­nal data, such as your name. After regis­te­ring, you can add addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion to your user pro­file. If you do so, you will once again pro­vide us with per­so­nal data. We will also receive data (inclu­ding per­so­nal data) from you when you com­mu­ni­cate with us or other users through the 7Mind App. If you create a work­out sche­dule, we will receive infor­ma­tion about which and how many work­outs you have com­ple­ted. We will also receive infor­ma­tion about how you use the 7Mind App. In that case, too, you will pro­vide us with per­so­nal data.

We use all such data to improve our pro­ducts or to sup­port your work­outs. For example, we will send you work­out remin­ders to moti­vate you to work out with our App. We also use such data for mar­ke­ting pur­po­ses.

For you to be able to use the 7Mind App to the full extent, we will also need cer­tain access rights to your smart phone. For example, we need access to your camera or your photos if you upload or want to change a pro­file photo. We use push mes­sa­ges to send you work­out remin­ders or to notify you of new fol­lo­wers or com­ments. When you want to use such a func­tion for the first time, we will ask you whe­ther you grant us such access rights or we will ask you to grant us access by selec­ting the appro­priate set­tings. Gene­rally, you may revoke such access rights at any time by chan­ging the appro­priate set­tings.

11. How to con­tact us

You can con­tact us by sen­ding us mes­sa­ges at our e-mail address.

If you trans­mit per­so­nal data to us by e-mail, we will use such data only for the pur­pose for which you ent­rust us with such data when you con­tact us.

The same app­lies when you com­mu­ni­cate with us by using a con­tact form.

12. News­let­ter

You can regis­ter for our news­let­ter. That way, you will receive regu­lar updates about the 7Mind Ser­vices. All you need to receive our news­let­ter is a valid e-mail address. If you are no longer inte­rested in recei­ving the news­let­ter, you may unsub­scribe at any time using the link that is inclu­ded in each news­let­ter.

13. Coo­kies and tracking pixels

We use our own coo­kies and tracking pixels. As explai­ned above, this will howe­ver allow no infe­ren­ces as to your iden­tity.

14. Data pro­ces­sing – third-party ser­vices and part­ners

To be able to offer you all func­tions and ser­vices of the App in the most con­ve­ni­ent way pos­si­ble and to be able to con­ti­nuously improve our pro­duct, we use third-party ser­vices and part­ners. We also use the assis­tance of third par­ties to improve our web­site. Finally, we use cer­tain tools for our mar­ke­ting. What tools we use and for what pur­po­ses is explai­ned below:

14.1 Google

We use a number of dif­fe­rent Google ser­vices (Google Inc., 1600 Amphi­thea­ter Pkwy., Moun­tain View, CA 94043, U.S.A. – her­einaf­ter Google”) for ana­ly­sis and mar­ke­ting pur­po­ses. These tools collect and sta­ti­s­ti­cally ana­lyze data about your use of our ser­vices in dif­fe­rent ways. We also use your data to show you per­so­na­li­zed ads with the help of Google ser­vices. By using our web­site or our 7Mind Ser­vices, you con­sent that we may use your data for these pur­po­ses. In what fol­lows, we will explain the dif­fe­rent ser­vices and the ways in which you can to con­ve­ni­ently revoke your con­sent, and we pro­vide you with addi­tio­nal important infor­ma­tion. Addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion about how Google hand­les data trans­mit­ted by us is avail­able here:
You can find addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion about how Google uses coo­kies in the data pri­vacy policy of Google (https://​www​.google​.com/​i​n​t​l​/​d​e​/​p​o​l​i​c​i​e​s​/​p​r​i​vacy/).

Infor­ma­tion gene­ra­ted by Google tools is gene­rally trans­fer­red to a server of Google in the United States and stored there. Google and its sub­si­dia­ries are EU-US Pri­vacy-Shield cer­ti­fied.

14.1.1 Google AdWords: We use Google AdWords to adver­tise our offers. Fol­lo­wing a search on Google, our ads will be shown in the areas desi­gna­ted for this pur­pose. Our web­site regis­ters with the help of coo­kies how many users have found our ser­vices through our ads. We use such data to opti­mize our ads. A cookie is stored by Google when an ad is cli­cked. You can block the cookie by selec­ting the appro­priate set­tings in your brow­ser. In that case, your visit to our web­site will not be inclu­ded in anony­mous user sta­ti­s­tics.

If you wish to receive no per­so­na­li­zed ads, you can place an opt-out cookie:
You can block coo­kies, for example, by instal­ling an appro­priate brow­ser plug-in, which is avail­able here:


In addi­tion, we use Google Dyna­mic Remar­ke­ting func­tions on our web­site. This tech­no­logy allows us to show auto­ma­ti­cally gene­ra­ted, target group-based ads fol­lo­wing your visit to our web­site. The ads shown are based on pro­ducts and ser­vices on which you cli­cked or which you viewed during your last visit to our web­site. Google uses coo­kies to gene­rate inte­rest-based ads. If you wish to receive no user-based ads from Google, you can deac­tivate ads by selec­ting the appro­priate set­tings of Google.
If you wish to receive no per­so­na­li­zed ads, you can place an opt out cookie:
You can block per­so­na­li­zed ads by instal­ling the appro­priate brow­ser plug-in, which is avail­able here:
You can also block per­so­na­li­zed ads from Google and other adver­ti­sing net­works by opting out on the fol­lo­wing page:

14.2 Social plug-ins

We use the fol­lo­wing social plug-ins for our web­site:

  • Face­book (ope­ra­tor: Face­book Inc., 1601 S. Cali­for­nia Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, U.S.A.)
  • Twit­ter (ope­ra­tor: Twit­ter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Fran­cisco, CA 94107, U.S.A.)
  • Google+ (ope­ra­tor: Google Inc., 1600 Amphi­thea­tre Park­way, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, U.S.A.)
    These plug-ins rou­ti­nely collect data from you and trans­fer such data to ser­vers of the pro­vi­der.

Once activa­ted, such plug-ins will also record your IP address. In addi­tion, activa­ted social plug-ins will place a cookie with a clear ID when the rele­vant web­site is acces­sed. This also allows pro­vi­ders to create pro­files of your user beha­vior. Such a cookie is placed whe­ther or not you are a member of the social net­work. If you are a member of a social net­work and are logged in when you visit our web­site or when you use the 7Mind App, data and infor­ma­tion about your visit to our web­site or your use of the 7Mind App may be linked to your pro­file on the social net­work. Please note that we have no con­trol over the exact extent to which your data will be collec­ted by social net­work pro­vi­ders. For more infor­ma­tion about the extent, type, and pur­pose of data pro­ces­sing and about rights and set­tings to pro­tect your pri­vacy, please refer to the data pri­vacy policy of the rele­vant social net­work pro­vi­der. These are avail­able at the fol­lo­wing addres­ses:


We use the Face­book Con­nect” func­tion, so that you can regis­ter and log in with us using your Face­book account.

If you use Face­book Con­nect, Face­book pro­file data and public data from your Face­book pro­file will be trans­fer­red to us. Con­ver­sely, data may be trans­fer­red from us to your Face­book pro­file. Such data are used by us to regis­ter you on our web­site or for the 7Mind App or to allow you to log in. For this pur­pose we also store and pro­cess such data.

By regis­te­ring on our web­site or for the 7Mind App with the help of Face­book Con­nect you con­sent that your pro­file data from your Face­book pro­file may be trans­fer­red to us and, con­ver­sely, that we may trans­fer data to Face­book.

Please also note that Face­book recei­ves infor­ma­tion through Face­book Con­nect about how you use our 7Mind App and our web­site.
For infor­ma­tion about the pur­pose and extent of data pro­ces­sing, the fur­ther pro­ces­sing and use of data by Face­book, and your rights and set­ting opti­ons to pro­tect your pri­vacy, please refer to the data pri­vacy policy of Face­book: face​book​.com/​p​o​l​i​c​y.php.

14.3 Pin­te­rest

On our web­site we use the Pin it” button plug-in of Pin­te­rest (Pin­te­rest Inc., 635 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, 94301, U.S.A.). When you visit our web­site this plug-in esta­blis­hes a direct con­nec­tion bet­ween your brow­ser and the Pin­te­rest server. This tells Pin­te­rest that you have visi­ted our web­site with your IP address. If you are logged into Pin­te­rest during your visit, you can share con­tent on Pin­te­rest by cli­cking on the Pin it” button. This way, Pin­te­rest can also cor­re­late your visit to our web­site to your Pin­te­rest user account. Again, please note that as a pro­vi­der of your web­site, we do not know the con­tent of trans­fer­red data or how such data are used by Pin­te­rest, nor do we have any con­trol over this pro­cess. You will find the data pri­vacy policy of Pin­te­rest here:

You can change the set­tings for the sto­rage of your data here: https://​help​.pin​te​rest​.com/​e​n​t​r​i​e​s​/​2​5​0​1​0​3​0​3​-​H​o​w​-​d​o​e​s​-​P​i​n​t​e​r​e​s​t​-​u​s​e​-​d​a​t​a​-​a​b​o​u​t​-​o​t​h​e​r​-​w​e​b​s​i​t​e​s​-​I​-​visit. You can do so whe­ther or not you are a Pin­te­rest user.

14.4 Adjust

Our 7Mind App and our web­site use the Adjust ser­vice of adjust GmbH (Saar­brü­cker Str. 37A, 10405 Berlin). The Adjust ser­vice has been audi­ted and cer­ti­fied in accor­dance with the ePri­va­cy­seal (Euro­pean Seal for Your Pri­vacy) (see http://​www​.epri​vacy​.eu/​v​e​r​g​e​b​e​n​e​-​s​i​egel/). This ser­vice allows us to moni­tor our mar­ke­ting per­for­mance, to adjust our adver­ti­sing cam­pai­gns, and to better under­stand, over­all, how you use our app. To achieve this goal, we can, inter alia, moni­tor in real time how you inter­act with our app. For this pur­pose Adjust, for example, collects your IP address in anony­mous form (as a hash value), and tracks when you install and open our 7Mind App for the first time, how you inter­act with the app, or on which ads you click.

Once collec­ted, such data are not merged with any other data for per­so­nal iden­ti­fi­ca­tion pur­po­ses.

You may choose at any time that such data shall no longer be collec­ted in the future. If so, please simply use the opt-out option of adjust at https://​www​.adjust​.com/​o​p​t​-out/.

14.5 Face­book Custom Audi­en­ces

We use the remar­ke­ting func­tion Custom Audi­en­ces” of Face­book Inc. (1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, Cali­for­nia 94025). This func­tion allows us to show visi­tors of our web­site and users of our 7Mind App inte­rest-based ads when they visit Face­book (“Face­book ads”), and to ana­lyze such Face­book ads for sta­ti­s­ti­cal and market rese­arch pur­po­ses, which helps us opti­mize future adver­ti­sing. For this pur­pose we use the so-called Face­book pixel (web­site) and Face­book SDK (7Mind App).

Collec­ted data are anony­mous for us and allow no infe­ren­ces as to your iden­tity. Aside from us, Face­book howe­ver also stores and pro­ces­ses such data. Face­book may cor­re­late such data to your user pro­file, and Face­book may also use such data for its own adver­ti­sing pur­po­ses in accor­dance with the Face­book data pri­vacy policy (https://​www​.face​book​.com/​a​b​o​u​t​/​p​r​i​vacy/).

Such data may allow Face­book and its part­ners to show ads on or off Face­book.

Face­book gene­rally also stores such data on ser­vers in the United States. Face­book is EU-US Pri­vacy Shield cer­ti­fied.

You can gene­rally block the pla­ce­ment of coo­kies on your com­pu­ter by selec­ting the appro­priate set­tings in your brow­ser, so that coo­kies will no longer be placed on your com­pu­ter in the future and/​or so that coo­kies that have alre­ady been placed will be dele­ted. If you do so, you may no longer be able to cor­rectly use some func­tions on our web­site.

With the help of an appro­priate opt-out cookie from Digi­tal Adver­ti­sing Alli­ance you can also com­ple­tely deac­tivate adver­ti­sing by third-party pro­vi­ders such as Face­book:
In the alter­na­tive, you can deac­tivate the remar­ke­ting func­tion Custom Audi­en­ces” in your Face­book set­tings:
To do so, you must be regis­te­red with Face­book.

15. Trans­fer of data to third par­ties

Your per­so­nal data will be trans­fer­red to third par­ties only if we have a legal obli­ga­tion to do so, if the data trans­fer is necessary for per­for­mance of the con­tract, or if you have con­s­en­ted to the trans­fer of your data. Third-party ser­vice pro­vi­ders and part­ner com­pa­nies will receive your data only if and to the extent necessary for per­for­mance of the con­tract or with your con­sent. In such cases, the extent to which data are trans­fer­red will howe­ver be kept to the abso­lute mini­mum. To the extent that our ser­vice pro­vi­ders come into con­tact with your per­so­nal data, we will make sure that they too will comply with all app­lica­ble data pro­tec­tion laws. Please also read the data pri­vacy poli­cies of such third-party pro­vi­ders.

16. Data secu­rity

Data trans­fers are gene­rally sub­ject to secu­rity gaps. It is tech­ni­cally impos­si­ble to pro­tect your data 100% from access by third par­ties. Howe­ver, we strive to mini­mize this risk as much as pos­si­ble. We the­re­fore main­tain state-of-the-art mea­su­res to gua­ran­tee data secu­rity and to pro­tect your data from access by third par­ties. In addi­tion, we use strong SSL or TLS encryp­tion for all data trans­fers. Howe­ver, please make sure not to pro­vide your login data to any third par­ties.

17. Web­sites of third par­ties

We occa­sio­nally place links to web­sites of third par­ties. Alt­hough we care­fully select such third par­ties, we make no gua­ran­tee and assume no lia­bi­lity for the cor­rect­ness or com­ple­ten­ess of con­tent or data secu­rity of any third-party web­sites. Nor does this Data Pri­vacy Policy apply to linked third-party web­sites. We assume no res­pon­si­bi­lity for data pri­vacy poli­cies or con­tent of any other web­sites.

18. Chan­ges to this Data Pri­vacy Policy

We may need to make chan­ges to this Data Pri­vacy Policy, for example if we add new func­tions or ser­vices to the app. We will howe­ver notify you of any chan­ges and ask that you read and accept such chan­ges before they are imple­men­ted by us.

19. Your rights: information/​revocation/​erasure and data con­trol­ler

You may at any time and at no cost demand infor­ma­tion about your per­so­nal data that are pro­ces­sed by us, cor­rec­tion of any errors in your per­so­nal data, ter­mi­na­tion of pro­ces­sing of your per­so­nal data, or era­sure of your per­so­nal data – sub­ject to man­da­tory legal pro­vi­si­ons or obli­ga­ti­ons to the con­trary. To exer­cise these rights, simply con­tact us at any time by letter or e-mail at:
_7Mind GmbH
_Schlie­mann­str. 21
_10437 Berlin
E-Mail: feedback@​7​mind.​de
Mana­ging direc­tor: Jonas Leve, Manuel Ron­ne­feldt

Recor­ded in the Com­mer­cial Regis­ter at the Local Court of Berlin
under number HRB 26916
VAT ID No.: DE297708431

Exter­nal Data Pro­tec­tion Offi­cer
HC Plus Gesell­schaft für Daten­schutz UG(h)
repre­sen­ted by Dan­La­hiri Agboli
Genest­straße 5, 10829 Berlin, Ger­many

For all request con­cerning the secu­rity of your data you can con­tact our data pro­tec­tion offi­cer at feedback@​7​mind.​de.

If you have a par­ti­cu­larly sen­si­tive request, please con­tact our data pro­tec­tion offi­cer by postal mail. The com­mu­ni­ca­tion by email can always be flawed by secu­rity gaps.