Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The fol­lo­wing Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons pro­vide the legal frame­work for using the the 7Mind App.
The­re­fore please care­fully read these Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons.
Last revi­sed: Novem­ber 2018

1. App­lica­bi­lity

1.1 Con­tract part­ners and con­tract sub­ject matter

These Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons pro­vide the basis for the user agree­ment resul­ting bet­ween you and us, 7Mind GmbH, Schlie­mann­str. 21, 10437 Berlin(hereinafter Us” or We”). The con­tract sub­ject matter is the free or paid use of ser­vices offe­red by Us on the 7Mind App (her­einaf­ter indi­vi­dually refer­red to as an 7Mind Ser­vice” or, collec­tively, as the 7Mind Ser­vices” or, gene­rally, 7Mind”).

1.2 Addi­tio­nal terms and con­di­ti­ons

We reserve the right to make your use of cer­tain 7Mind Ser­vices sub­ject to addi­tio­nal terms and con­di­ti­ons. We will notify you before using such addi­tio­nal terms and con­di­ti­ons.

If you use 7Mind Ser­vices via the 7Mind App and you have down­loa­ded the 7Mind App from the app store of a third party, the gene­ral terms and con­di­ti­ons and/​or terms of use of the app store will apply in addi­tion to these Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons. In case of the iTunes store, such terms include, for example, the End User License Agree­ment for Licen­sed App­li­ca­ti­ons” (which you will find at http://​www​.apple​.com/​l​e​g​a​l​/​i​n​t​e​r​n​e​t​-​s​e​r​v​i​c​e​s​/​i​t​u​n​e​s/ww/). You will find the terms of use for Google Play, for example, at https://​play​.google​.com/​i​n​t​l​/​d​e​_​d​e​/​a​b​o​u​t​/​p​l​a​y​-​t​e​r​m​s​.html. Please be sure to review the terms of use that apply in your coun­try.

In the event of any con­flicts, these Terms of Use will pre­vail.

2. Health Requi­re­ments

You will use the 7Mind Ser­vices at your own risk.

Any­time you use the 7Mind Ser­vices you must be in good health. If you have any known preexis­ting ill­nes­ses or health con­di­ti­ons, please first con­sult a phy­si­cian before you begin to use the 7Mind Ser­vices.

3. Par­ti­ci­pa­tion Requi­re­ments

To open a user account and to use the 7Mind Ser­vices you must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capa­city.
By ente­ring into a con­tract with Us you repre­sent that you have no other user account with Us and that your user account has not been sus­pen­ded or can­ce­led in the past due to vio­la­ti­ons of our Terms of Use. In such cases We will not enter into ano­ther or new user agree­ment with you. You also repre­sent that all infor­ma­tion pro­vi­ded by you during the regis­tra­tion pro­cess is true and com­plete.

4. Con­clu­sion of Con­tract, User Account

4.1 Regis­tra­tion pro­cess

To use the 7Mind Ser­vices, you must first regis­ter and open a user account. You can open a user account directly through the 7Mind App. When you regis­ter We will ask you to accept these Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons and our Data Pri­vacy Policy.

In the alter­na­tive, you can also regis­ter with your Face­book account. In that case, the regis­tra­tion pro­cess will be com­plete once you have ent­e­red the account infor­ma­tion for your Face­book account and have cli­cked the Con­firm” button.

How a user agree­ment will be con­clu­ded depends on how you first regis­ter and whe­ther you sign up for any addi­tio­nal, paid ser­vices.

4.2 Regis­tra­tion via mobile apps

If you want to regis­ter through the 7Mind App, a user agree­ment will result accord­ing to the rules of your app store. As a gene­ral rule, a bin­ding con­tract will result at the moment you click on the Install” button in the store and you enter your pass­word. To use the 7Mind Ser­vices, you must howe­ver still open a user account through the 7Mind App.

4.4 Con­clu­sion of con­tract for paid sub­scrip­tion

You can activate addi­tio­nal ser­vices by purcha­sing a paid sub­scrip­tion. If you purchase addi­tio­nal ser­vices on our web­site www​.7mind​.de/en, a bin­ding con­tract will result when you click on the Buy Now” button or a com­pa­ra­ble button and you have suc­cess­fully ent­e­red your pay­ment infor­ma­tion. If you purchase addi­tio­nal ser­vices through your 7Mind App, a sub­scrip­tion agree­ment will result when you click the Buy Now” button during an in-app purchase or a com­pa­ra­ble button and when you have ent­e­red your pass­word for the App Store, if requi­red.

4.5Correction of input errors

If you wish to purchase a sub­scrip­tion on our web­site www​.7mind​.de/en, you may cancel the tran­sac­tion at any time. You can also cor­rect any input errors until you have suc­cess­fully input your pay­ment infor­ma­tion.

If you want to purchase a sub­scrip­tion by in-app purchase through your 7Mind App, you will pay for the ser­vice through the account with your app store. The­re­fore please con­tact your app store if you want to cor­rect any input errors.

5. Con­tract Terms

5.1 User agree­ment

The user agree­ment bet­ween you and Us that results when you open a user account will remain in effect for an inde­fi­nite term and will end when you delete the 7Mind App and ter­mi­nate the user agree­ment.

5.2 Sub­scrip­ti­ons

Our sub­scrip­ti­ons have dif­fe­rent mini­mum con­tract terms. All sub­scrip­ti­ons will be auto­ma­ti­cally rene­wed for the time period of the selec­ted mini­mum con­tract term until either you or We ter­mi­nate the sub­scrip­tion. You may howe­ver opt out of the auto­ma­tic rene­wal of your sub­scrip­tion at any time by choo­sing the appro­priate set­tings in the account with your app store.

6. Right of revo­ca­tion

In some coun­tries you have a legal right of revo­ca­tion. This is the case, for example, in all coun­tries of the Euro­pean Union. You can find out whe­ther you have a legal right of revo­ca­tion by refer­ring, for example, to the terms of use of your app store. Please refer to those terms of use to find out to what extent you have such rights. In the United States, for example, you have no right of revo­ca­tion.

If you have a legal right of revo­ca­tion, please read the fol­lo­wing infor­ma­tion about how you can exer­cise this right and what revo­ca­tion will mean for you.

6.1 Infor­ma­tion about revo­ca­tion

If you have a legal right of revo­ca­tion, this right will come into exis­tence as soon as you enter into a user agree­ment or sub­scrip­tion agree­ment with us.

You may revoke the con­tract within 14 days of the con­tract date for any or no reason, in which case the con­tract will be unwound.

To exer­cise your right of revo­ca­tion, you must clearly notify Us (e.g., by letter, tele­fax, or e-mail) that you no longer wish to be bound by the con­tract. For this pur­pose you may, but do not have to, use the atta­ched stan­dard revo­ca­tion form. Any clear notice will suf­fice. If you exer­cise this option, We will con­firm rece­ipt of your notice of revo­ca­tion (e.g., by e-mail). Your notice of revo­ca­tion will be timely as long as you send it before the revo­ca­tion period has expi­red. Please address any notice of revo­ca­tion to the fol­lo­wing address:
_7Mind GmbH
_Schlie­mann­str. 21
_10437 Berlin
_con­tact: feedback@​7​mind.​de

6.2 Con­se­quen­ces of revo­ca­tion

If you revoke the con­tract, the con­tract will be unwound. You will receive a refund for any pay­ments you have alre­ady made for the revo­ked con­tract. We will issue the refund at the latest 14 days after We receive your notice of revo­ca­tion. The refund will be made by the same method you used for the ori­gi­nal tran­sac­tion, unless We expressly agree other­wise with you.

If you have requested that ser­vices begin during the notice period for revo­ca­tion, you must com­pen­sate Us in a rea­sonable amount for any ser­vices you have alre­ady recei­ved. This will be a prora­ted amount of the total amount due for the booked ser­vice, based on the time period from the start date of ser­vice until the date you pro­vide Us with notice of revo­ca­tion.

6.3 Stan­dard form for notice of revo­ca­tion

You may use the fol­lo­wing form for your notice of revo­ca­tion.
Please be sure to always tell Us which 7Mind ser­vice you wish to revoke. You can simply send Us an e-mail to

You can also mail your notice of revo­ca­tion to the fol­lo­wing address:
_7Mind GmbH
_Schlie­mann­str. 21
_10437 Berlin

You can copy and paste into an e-mail or print out the fol­lo­wing text for your notice of revo­ca­tion:
I/​We () hereby revoke the con­tract for the purchase of the fol­lo­wing pro­duct ()/​the fol­lo­wing ser­vice () made by me/​us():
Ordered/​received on ()
Name of con­su­mer (…)
Address of con­su­mer (…)
Signa­ture of con­su­mer (…)
) please delete inap­p­lica­ble alter­na­tive

7. Ter­mi­na­tion

7.1 User agree­ment

You may cancel your user account at any time for any or no reason and the­r­eby also ter­mi­nate your user agree­ment in its ent­i­rety.

To do so, you must send Us an e-mail to feedback@​7​mind.​de, so that We can erase your user data. Please note that after your user account has been can­ce­led all con­tent and work­out per­for­mance data will or may be erased by Us and you will no longer have access to con­tent you have alre­ady purcha­sed.
If at the time you cancel your account you still have a valid sub­scrip­tion, any amount you may alre­ady have paid for the sub­scrip­tion will not be refun­ded – either in whole or in part.
We have the right to ter­mi­nate the user agree­ment for any or no reason in text form with two weeks’ prior notice, howe­ver not before the end of the mini­mum con­tract term or the end of the app­lica­ble rene­wal term of your sub­scrip­tion.

7.2 Sub­scrip­ti­ons

You may ter­mi­nate your sub­scrip­tion at any time for any or no reason effec­tive as of the end of the mini­mum con­tract term or the end of the app­lica­ble rene­wal term.

Sub­scrip­ti­ons purcha­sed by in-app purchase must be can­ce­led by chan­ging the appro­priate set­tings in the app store where you bought the sub­scrip­tion. If your sub­scrip­tion fee is collec­ted by iTunes, We ask, not­wi­th­stan­ding the above, that for tech­ni­cal rea­sons you comply with a notice period of 24 hours to the end of the mini­mum con­tract term or the end of the respec­tive rene­wal term. After can­cel­la­tion of your sub­scrip­tion your user account and any other sub­scrip­ti­ons will con­ti­nue unless and until you also cancel such addi­tio­nal sub­scrip­ti­ons.

Cur­rent in-app sub­scrip­ti­ons cannot be ter­mi­na­ted during the con­tract term.

In the alter­na­tive, you may also send Us an e-mail to feedback@​7​mind.​de or send Us a letter by regu­lar mail if you purcha­sed the sub­scrip­tion on the web­site.

We have the right to cancel any sub­scrip­tion at the end of the mini­mum con­tract term or the end of the app­lica­ble rene­wal term by pro­vi­ding you with two weeks’ prior notice in text form.

7.3 Ter­mi­na­tion for good cause

Irre­spec­tive of the fore­go­ing pro­vi­si­ons, either party has the right to ter­mi­nate con­tracts for good cause. In par­ti­cu­lar, We have the right to ter­mi­nate the user agree­ment or your sub­scrip­tion with imme­diate effect and to cancel your user account if you have seriously or repea­tedly breached pro­vi­si­ons of the user agree­ment and/​or these Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons or if you are behind with pay­ment des­pite demand.

8. 7Mind Ser­vices

You may down­load and use the 7Mind App free of charge. You will receive access to all avail­able exer­ci­ses as part of a paid sub­scrip­tion.
When you down­load and use the 7Mind App, in par­ti­cu­lar through third-party net­works or in other coun­tries, you may incur trans­mis­sion char­ges of your Inter­net ser­vice pro­vi­der.

We strive to pro­vide you with unin­ter­rup­ted ope­ra­tion of the 7Mind Ser­vices and to make those ser­vices avail­able as con­ti­nuously as pos­si­ble. We advise you howe­ver that full or unin­ter­rup­ted avail­a­bi­lity is tech­ni­cally impos­si­ble, and We make no war­ranty for unin­ter­rup­ted ope­ra­tion or any par­ti­cu­lar avail­a­bi­lity.

Our app­li­ca­ti­ons are con­ti­nuously updated and adjus­ted for your secu­rity and for the sta­bi­lity of our app­li­ca­ti­ons. As a result, system requi­re­ments may change. We assume no obli­ga­tion to make avail­able to you any app­li­ca­tion (such as the 7Mind App) that will be func­tio­nal on your ter­mi­nal device at all times, if func­tio­na­lity on your ter­mi­nal device should be limi­ted by tech­no­lo­gi­cal chan­ges.

We reserve the right to change our busi­ness model at any time and, for example, to pro­vide any or all 7Mind Ser­vices only in exch­ange for pay­ment. You will then have the option to decide whe­ther you wish to con­ti­nue using the 7Mind Ser­vices in exch­ange for pay­ment or stop using the 7Mind Ser­vices. Any such chan­ges will have no effect on exis­ting sub­scrip­ti­ons until the end of the con­tract term.

Our under­stan­ding of human health is evol­ving on a con­ti­nuous basis. This may affect how exer­ci­ses are eva­lua­ted. Even though our work­outs are based on cur­rent stu­dies and fin­dings, We make no gua­ran­tee that our work­outs are in con­for­mity with cur­rent rese­arch results or fin­dings.

Please note that you may need cer­tain tools or equip­ment to be able to fully use some 7Mind Ser­vices. Such tools or equip­ment are not part of the 7Mind Ser­vices and, if needed, must be purcha­sed sepa­ra­tely by you at your own cost.

9. Rights and Obli­ga­ti­ons of the User

The 7Mind Ser­vices are offe­red exclu­si­vely to con­su­mers. This means you may not use the 7Mind Ser­vices for busi­ness or other com­mer­cial pur­po­ses.

You may not allow any third par­ties to use your user account, and you are not per­mit­ted to 

  • use paid ser­vices simul­ta­neously on mul­ti­ple ter­mi­nal devices, unless such use is expressly per­mit­ted under the terms of the offe­red ser­vice;
  • allow any third par­ties to access or per­ceive the 7Mind Ser­vices, e.g., an unde­fi­ned group of people by using the ser­vices in a public area (e.g., movie thea­ters, thea­ters, exhi­bi­ti­ons, show­rooms, hotels, bars, restau­rants, or other public areas);
  • make acces­si­ble or trans­fer to any third par­ties access data trans­mit­ted or used for authenti­ca­tion or iden­ti­fi­ca­tion pur­po­ses;
  • cir­cum­vent any access con­trol sys­tems for paid ser­vices or take any other action to use ser­vices without aut­ho­riza­t­ion;
  • intro­duce into our IT sys­tems any viru­ses, worms, Trojan horses, or other mal­ware that may jeo­par­dize or impair the func­tio­na­lity of the 7Mind Ser­vices; or
  • trans­fer or assign any rights or obli­ga­ti­ons under your con­tract with Us to any third par­ties.

When using the 7Mind Ser­vices you must also comply with the terms of con­tracts with third par­ties, in par­ti­cu­lar con­tracts with the app store or your Inter­net ser­vice pro­vi­der.

To gua­ran­tee smooth com­mu­ni­ca­tion with you, We ask that you include our e-mail address in the list of trusted sen­ders at your email pro­vi­der.

Prices and Pay­ment Terms

10.1 Prices

Our prices differ from coun­try to coun­try. If you decide to purchase a sub­scrip­tion, the price that counts for you will be shown in the 7Mind App.

Please check the web­site third party apps­tore for cur­rent prices/​subscription models and for avail­able ser­vices. All quoted prices are exclu­sive of app­lica­ble value-added tax.

We reserve the right to change prices at our sole dis­cre­tion. Any price chan­ges will howe­ver have no effect on sub­scrip­ti­ons you have alre­ady purcha­sed.

10.2 Collec­tion of fees

Fees for a sub­scrip­tion are collec­ted in advance for the app­lica­ble mini­mum con­tract term when the sub­scrip­tion agree­ment is con­clu­ded. If the sub­scrip­tion is auto­ma­ti­cally rene­wed, the fee will be collec­ted in advance at the begin­ning of the app­lica­ble rene­wal term. Dif­fe­rent terms apply if the sub­scrip­tion fee is collec­ted through iTunes; in that case, the fee will be collec­ted alre­ady 24 hours prior to the begin­ning of the app­lica­ble bil­ling period.

10.3 Pay­ment methods

If you book paid 7Mind Ser­vices by in-app purchase, you will be char­ged by the app store. Please inquire with the app store which pay­ment methods are avail­able to you. If you book paid 7Mind Ser­vices on our web­site www​.7mind​.de/en, you will be shown a list of cur­rently accep­ted pay­ment methods during the orde­ring pro­cess from which you may choose. If pay­ment is decli­ned for rea­sons for which you are res­pon­si­ble (e.g., because the amount paid is not cove­red by funds in your account or because the limit of your credit card has been exhausted), We have the right to charge you for any costs and/​or expen­ses actually incur­red by Us as a result.
We reserve the right not to offer cer­tain pay­ment methods and to refer you to other pay­ment methods if there is a valid reason for doing so.

10.4 Pay­ment default

We reserve the right to pursue addi­tio­nal reme­dies that may be avail­able to Us as a result of your pay­ment default.

10.5 Coupon codes & pro­mo­ti­ons

To redeem your coupon either (a) apply the code to your order in your cart or (b) your code may be app­lied auto­ma­ti­cally in the cart.
Any coupon code can not be app­lied to past orders retroac­tively, can not be used in con­junc­tion with other dis­counts or coupon codes and may only be app­lied to one order.
We may at our abso­lute dis­cre­tion restrict who may enter into pro­mo­ti­ons for any reason.

11. Res­pon­si­bi­lity for Con­tent and Ser­vices

11.1 No res­pon­si­bi­lity for third-party con­tent or ser­vices

The 7Mind Ser­vices may include links to web­sites or apps of third-party pro­vi­ders. In some cases, con­tent made avail­able by third par­ties may be shown or the 7Mind Ser­vices may enable you to use addi­tio­nal ser­vices of third par­ties. We strive to design our app­li­ca­ti­ons in such a way that this will be rea­dily appa­rent to you. All con­tent and/​or ser­vices of third-party pro­vi­ders are sub­ject to the app­lica­ble terms, con­di­ti­ons, and rules of such third-party pro­vi­ders. We hereby expressly dis­claim any res­pon­si­bi­lity or lia­bi­lity for con­tent or ser­vices of third par­ties. You are per­so­nally res­pon­si­ble for making sure that you do not vio­late the terms and con­di­ti­ons of such third-party pro­vi­ders.

12. War­ran­ties

12.1 App­lica­ble law

Any claims for defec­tive ser­vice will be gover­ned by app­lica­ble law. Your rights as a con­su­mer remain unaf­fec­ted.

12.2 No war­ranty

We make no repre­sen­ta­ti­ons or war­ran­ties that by using the chosen 7Mind Ser­vice you will reach your work­out goal or achieve any other results.

13. Lia­bi­lity

13.1 Gene­ral pro­vi­si­ons

When using our 7Mind Ser­vices you will be shown work­out instruc­tions (e.g., for cer­tain exer­ci­ses). You must follow those instruc­tions at all times as other­wise there will be an health risk.
If you use any tools or equip­ment for exer­ci­ses, you are fully res­pon­si­ble for making sure that such tools and/​or equip­ment work pro­perly and are instal­led and/​or set up pro­perly.
You are obli­ga­ted to heed our health noti­ces in Sec­tion 2.

13.2 Lia­bi­lity for free ser­vices

In case of free ser­vices, our lia­bi­lity, wha­te­ver the legal basis, is limi­ted exclu­si­vely to damages resul­ting from inten­tio­nal or grossly negli­gent actions or omis­si­ons or from a lack of war­ran­ted qua­li­ties. Our lia­bi­lity for inten­tio­nal actions or omis­si­ons is gene­rally unli­mi­ted. Our lia­bi­lity for gross negli­gence or a lack of war­ran­ted qua­li­ties is limi­ted to rea­son­ably fore­see­able damages. In all other cases any lia­bi­lity on our part is exclu­ded.

13.3 Lia­bi­lity for paid ser­vices

In case of paid ser­vices, our lia­bi­lity, wha­te­ver the legal basis, is gene­rally unli­mi­ted for damages resul­ting from inten­tio­nal or grossly negli­gent actions or omis­si­ons or from a lack of war­ran­ted qua­li­ties.
If We breach any mate­rial con­trac­tual obli­ga­ti­ons due to ordi­nary negli­gence, our lia­bi­lity is limi­ted to rea­son­ably fore­see­able damages. A con­trac­tual obli­ga­tion is mate­rial within the mea­ning of the fore­go­ing sen­tence if its per­for­mance is necessary for achie­ving con­trac­tual pur­po­ses and if you, the con­su­mer, may rea­son­ably rely on its per­for­mance.

Our lia­bi­lity for wrong­ful harm to life, limb, or health remains unaf­fec­ted by the fore­go­ing limi­ta­ti­ons.
In all other cases any lia­bi­lity on our part is exclu­ded.

13.4 Lia­bi­lity of our employees

The above limi­ta­ti­ons of lia­bi­lity (see Sec­tions 13.2 and 13.3) also apply for the bene­fit of our employees and agents.

13.5 Pro­duct lia­bi­lity

Any claims under the German Pro­duct Lia­bi­lity Act (Pro­dukt­haf­tungs­ge­setz) remain unaf­fec­ted by the afo­re­men­tio­ned exclu­si­ons or limi­ta­ti­ons of lia­bi­lity.

14. Licen­sed Rights

14.1 7Mind con­tent

The ser­vices offe­red by Us in some cases include copy­right pro­tec­ted or other­wise pro­tec­ted con­tent to which We own the necessary rights. For example, the 7Mind App is a copy­right pro­tec­ted soft­ware pro­gram.

To the extent necessary for achie­ving the con­trac­tual pur­pose, We hereby license to you a non-exclu­sive, non-trans­fe­ra­ble right to use such pro­tec­ted con­tent for non-com­mer­cial pur­po­ses in accor­dance with the terms of the con­tract. Note that you are pro­hi­bi­ted from dis­se­mi­na­ting or making such con­tent publi­cly avail­able, e.g., on web­sites. Neit­her the 7Mind App nor its con­tent may be leased or other­wise trans­fer­red to any third par­ties by you. You may not decom­pile, alter, or edit the app except as per­mit­ted by law.

Licen­sed rights will lapse if and when you no longer have access to the rele­vant ser­vice (e.g., after your sub­scrip­tion has been ter­mi­na­ted) or when the user agree­ment has ended. In the event of any vio­la­tion of these pro­vi­si­ons, We will have the right to ter­mi­nate the agree­ment for good cause without notice in accor­dance with Sec­tion 7.3.

15. Per­so­nal data

We will pro­cess your per­so­nal data in com­p­li­ance with our Data Pri­vacy Policy. You will find the most recent ver­sion of our Data Pri­vacy Policy at https://​7mind​.de/​e​n​/​p​r​i​v​a​c​y​-​p​olicy. The Data Pri­vacy Policy regu­la­tes and dis­clo­ses, in par­ti­cu­lar, to what extent your per­so­nal data will be viewa­ble by other users and what opti­ons you have to con­trol trans­fers of your per­so­nal data. In addi­tion, We will inform you in detail how and where We pro­cess or cause third par­ties to pro­cess your per­so­nal data. By ente­ring into the user agree­ment with Us you expressly con­sent to the fore­go­ing pro­vi­si­ons. Your legal rights of revo­ca­tion remain unaf­fec­ted.

**16. Chan­ges to Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons“

We reserve the right to make chan­ges to these Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons with effect for the future. We will notify you of any chan­ges to our Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons at the latest four weeks before the plan­ned effec­tive date of the new ver­sion. You will have the oppor­tu­nity to object to chan­ges within the afo­re­men­tio­ned four-week period. If you con­ti­nue to use our 7Mind Ser­vices without objec­tion, you will be deemed to have accep­ted the new Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons. If you do object to chan­ges, We hereby expressly reserve our right to ter­mi­nate the agree­ment by regu­lar notice during its proper term. If and when We make chan­ges to the Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons, We will once again advise you of your right to object, the time period within which the right of objec­tion must be exer­cised, and the legal con­se­quen­ces of such objec­tion.

17. Final Pro­vi­si­ons

17.1 Offi­cial con­tract lan­guage

The offi­cial con­tract lan­guage is German.

17.2 Governing sub­stan­tive law

All dea­lings bet­ween the par­ties are gover­ned exclu­si­vely by German law, under exclu­sion of the pro­vi­si­ons of the UN Con­ven­tion on Con­tracts for the Inter­na­tio­nal Sale of Goods (CISG). Busi­ness tran­sac­tions with con­su­mers resi­ding in the Euro­pean Union may also be sub­ject to the law that is app­lica­ble at the place of the consumer’s resi­dence, if and to the extent that man­da­tory con­su­mer pro­tec­tion pro­vi­si­ons are invol­ved.

17.3 Venue and Juris­dic­tion

If there is no court in Ger­many or ano­ther EU coun­try where venue and juris­dic­tion is proper based on your resi­dence, hab­itual abode, or cor­po­rate domi­cile (all­ge­mei­ner Gerichts­stand), or if you relo­cate your per­ma­nent place of resi­dence to ano­ther coun­try out­s­ide the EU after the effec­tive date of these Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons, or if your place of resi­dence or hab­itual abode is unk­nown at the time legal action is filed, exclu­sive venue and juris­dic­tion for any and all dis­pu­tes ari­sing from this Agree­ment will be in the courts at the place of our regis­te­red office.

17.4 Severa­bi­lity

If any pro­vi­si­ons of these Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons should be or become inva­lid in whole or in part, the vali­dity of the remai­ning pro­vi­si­ons will remain unaf­fec­ted the­r­eby. The fore­go­ing pro­vi­si­ons apply, muta­tis mutan­dis, if any pro­vi­si­ons should have been inad­ver­tently omit­ted from these Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons.

18. Down­loa­ding and Review Opti­ons

You may review and print out these Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons at any time at https://​7mind​.de/​e​n​/​t​e​r​m​s​-​o​f​-use/. Addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion regar­ding your user agree­ment and your sub­scrip­tion are avail­able in your user account. In the alter­na­tive, you may also print out or down­load the auto­ma­ted order con­fir­ma­tion you recei­ved after pla­c­ing the order.

19. Infor­ma­tion about Pro­vi­der

_7Mind GmbH
_Schlie­mann­str. 21
_10437 Berlin
E-Mail: feedback@​7​mind.​de
Mana­ging direc­tor: Jonas Leve, Manuel Ron­ne­feldt
Recor­ded in the Com­mer­cial Regis­ter at the Local Court of Berlin
under number HRB 26916
VAT ID No.: DE297708431

20. Dis­pute Reso­lu­tion

The Euro­pean Com­mis­sion makes avail­able a plat­form for online dis­pute reso­lu­tion (ODR plat­form). You can access the ODR plat­form at www​.ec​.europa​.eu/​c​o​n​s​u​m​e​r​s/odr. You will find our e-mail address in the imprint.

We have no obli­ga­tion to par­ti­ci­pate in any media­tion pro­cee­dings before any con­su­mer media­tion board (ADR) or in any online dis­pute reso­lu­tion of the EU (ODR), nor do We intend to do so.